Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday (2)

The Book Nook's Top Ten Things That:

Annoy me about books! 

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. Go check out their blog because it is awesome! There you will find many great reviews and some pretty cool people.
1. Stickers- Especially the ones that don't come off or leave behind adhesive residue.
2. Long paragraphs- I'm talking about the ones that sometimes go on for pages.
3. Unresolved sub-plots- I'm often peeved when an author starts to explore something in the book but never finishes it.
4. Obvious ending/plots- If I can guess where the story is going, I'm more like to get bored with it.
5. New books with used looks- I don't mind for my books to have wear and tear, if they're used or I've read them multiple times. But if I buy a book new, I would for it to look new for a little while.
6. Cover changes- I hate when a series gets a cover change, especially when it's in the middle of the series. I like to have an entire series with the same cover or cover theme.
7. Long series- I'm not a fan of series that are too long because I usually lose interest in them. But I feel obligated to finish the series and usually end up reading books that I wouldn't have otherwise.
8. Trite story lines- This ties in with number four. If the story line is overused, I won't enjoy the story.
9. (Too) Short series- I am not a fan of too short series. I strongly dislike finishing a book but feeling like it was unresolved.
10. Cop-out endings/resolutions


  1. I hate stickers too! I've seen this one on a lot of peoples' posts, so you'd think publishers would get the hint.

    And, yeah, the long paragraphs. Same goes for long chapters too. Would it kill the story to just divide it up a little bit more? It sure would help my attention span.

  2. I especially hate stickers that have been on there so long that they refuse to let go of the book.

    I hate long chapters, too! If I find myself in the middle of the chapter and I count the pages to see how much longer I have left to the next chapter, it might be too long.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Until this week, I NEVER heard of this, and then three people I follow did it!

    1) YES! If it's a sale sticker, I don't mind b/c they come off easy enough, but bargain stickers? BANE of my existence! If they've been on there a while, you can't get the sticky remainder off...and if you use something like goo-gone, it stains the jacket. Lose/Lose...but at least your wallet won?

    2. Yes, page-long paragraphs are nasty. It's like, "Stop and take a breath." Too-short ones are bad, too. I hate how short James Patterson's writing style is when I read Maximum Ride, much as I enjoy the series...

    3. I don't mind this IF there will be a sequel. If not...I guess that's why we have fanfiction in the world. It's definitely not the same, though! Just tie up your holes already! The end is what gives us the final impression of the book...

    4. Me too, but sadly, I've read so many books and taken so many English classes that I OFTEN see things coming when nobody else does. Sometimes, it makes me enjoy the book less. I read something recently and ONE sentence early on that most people would NEVER catch...and I knew. :(

    5. Do you mean looking used on purpose? If it's not on purpose, that's because some people like to treat bookstores like a library and they make the books all ratty. Peeve of mine! If it's on purpose, like with paper edging...I kind of like that!

    6. Me tooo!!!! One example right now: Have you seen the original, hardback cover for Cindy Pon's Silver Phoenix? It's GORGEOUS! I bought it based on the cover alone. Now, it's in paperback with a new cover and the sequel has a cover that matches this second edition. The covers remind me of Kelly Armstrong and Alyson Noel books. The first one reminded me of Asia. BOO!

    7. It depends. If I love a book, I want it to go on forever. But I do have to go back and re-read. If the author takes a long time to write, I'll wait and make sure they finish first. For example, right now I would LOVE to read George R R Martin's series A Song of Ice and Fire (or whatever it's called) b/c A Game of Thrones is about to be on HBO. BUT! It took him 6 yrs to write book 5 and there are two books left in the series. These books are about 1000 pages with a huge cast of characters. I can't re-read something this long twice! I'll just wait...

    8. I'm this way, too. I'm really trying to keep my current WIP from going this route!

    9. Yes! Take your time. However many books it takes to fully tell your story. Don't rush!

    10. Ugh, yes. I read something recently and the cop-out ending ruined it for me. Didn't like the book! Sometimes with movies, too. It's like...the ending can make or break you. If it's horrible, then I have no love for your creation (at least, most of the time...).

  4. @ Bonnie- TTT is so fun to do! You should look into doing it. There are some really funny ones coming up in the next few weeks.

    I like books that are made to look "antique" especially if their like historical fiction and the like. But if I buy a book new, at full price, I'd like it to look new. If I buy it used, I don't mind because I usually only paid like one dollar for it.

    With the cover changes for Silver Phoneix, I know exactly what you mean! Maybe the publisher thought they would market better with the new covers but the original covers were much much better.

  5. I'm going to have to try TTT sometime. It seems like fun! You can see the upcoming ones in advance? That's pretty neat, actually :) You can have it all ready!

    I like it when books look new, too, but I also like that funky page effect b/c it's different. IDK! lol

    Yes, I can see WHY they changed the cover. Silver Phoenix didn't sell quite as well as they would have liked, so they remarketed it using covers that have trended well in teens. Only now, it looks...ordinary. It doesn't jump out at you. Plus, it's not really paranormal like the cover hints at, so the paranormal readers put it down and the fantasy readers don't even pick it up :( Here's hoping Fury sells well! I already have my copy pre-ordered!