Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Book Nook Reviews: Kane Chronicles Trilogy

Graffiti in the Seti I Temple in Abydos.
Egypt Month is underway!                         
I just uploaded the first video of the series! It includes a discussion of the Kane Chronicles Triology--a series focusing on two siblings who suddenly find out that the Egyptian myths they learned are real. Check out my video for more information about the series and check back tomorrow for more of Egypt Month!


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  1. Yay, Egypt month!! I have to wonder if the Kane SURVIVAL GUIDE coming out in March will have any short stories the way the last PJ one did. I'm so excited about THE SERPENT'S's my favorite cover yet! I'm glad you're starting off with THE KANE CHRONICLES! Well, if Anubis says so! ^.~ So cute!!! Excited about his upcoming Norse series as well! I love the way Rick Riordan has brought so many mythological facets to mainstream audiences and to children, not jsut the stories that are well-known!