Saturday, October 22, 2011

October Reading Plans

     At the end of last month, I set out with big plans for my October reading list. I was really excited to spend the entire month lost in creepy, eerie, and spooky books. I love being scared around Halloween and I think that books can really get you into the holiday mood. I took to the interwebs and begged for suggestions from my subscribers/followers and managed to get together a list of 10 books that were perfect for the month and, for the most part, that I already learned. For the last few days of September, I could barely contain myself and not start my list early. Yet, as soon as October arrived, I suddenly had no time or energy to read. My October Spooktacular List has not one title checked off, which is really disappointing because I put a lot of thought in picking out the books. I still haven't announced my winners from the Kick-Off October giveaway, either. Plus, I have two scheduled posts (that are already written) waiting to go up on the blog. One is a series review of Percy Jacjson and the Olympians and the other is my review of Divergent. Hopefully these will be up tomorrow.
     So, what happened in this month that prevented me from accomplishing my goals? To start, the beginning week of October was the last week of school before Fall Break so I was swamped with last minute work. Certainly not a situation conducive to reading. The second week of October, which was Fall Break, wasn't a very good reading week either because I spent the entire week picking up overtime at work so I could officially start the Theresadan Wedding Fund. Then this last week, when there was finally nothing standing in the way of me and my TBR list, I got sick. I don't get sick very often and on the rare occasion that I do get sick it's usually nothing bad, just a small head cold or something like this. This time, however, I got really sick. I was simultaneously fighting a double-ear infection, five-day migraine, and the flu. I can't remember a time that I felt so bad. I ended up missing half of my classes and suffering through work. My throat was swollen so much that I couldn't eat and I ended losing ten pounds, at last count. Thankfully, I seem to be getting better. My throat isn't as sore and my headache is completely gone.
     For the rest of the month, therefore, I will be playing catch up. I still have my plans set to finish my list from the beginning of the month in the next eight days. Eight days to read my books, and review them! I think that I probably won't accomplish this but I like to set my goals high. With that said, I'd like to list out my reading goals for the rest of the month:
  1. Dracula (for the readalong at A Literary Odyssey)
  2. The  Dead Tossed Waves
  3. Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter
  4. 30 Days of Night
  5. Grimm Brothers, select stories
  6. Edgar Allen Poe, select stories
  7. Frankenstein ( I'm about half-way through this one)
I'd also list to get up my reviews for Percy Jackson and Divergent.

     Oh, boy! I do have quite the week ahead of me. Wish me luck!

Happy Halloreading!
The Book Nook

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